Sunday, April 15, 2012

Acu Rite Indoor Humidity Monitor

Humidity is an important factor in every day health. When house furnaces blow dry air into the rooms of house, nasal passages can dry out possibly leaving membranes more vulnerable to virus infections and bacterial infections that can cause the common cold and upper respiratory infections. In summer, and especially in warm climates, extra moisture can promote mold growth, which can cause health problems and damage property.

People in high-rise apartments are exposed to dryer air because air has lower humidity at higher altitudes.

Combination temperature/humidity gauge with large, easy-to-read display
Also registers daily highs and lows for both temperature and humidity
Simple house icon readout for indicating humidity comfort levels
Ready for immediate display with magnet backing and foldout stand
Takes 1 AA battery, not included; measures 2-1/2 by 3 inches

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