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The concept of a small office/home office or SOHO refers to a home-based business, which usually involves one worker, but may consist of up to about ten workers. Recent updates in technology have allowed people to compete, communicate and transact globally with high speed Internet, VOIP and video teleconferencing. Most SOHO workers are independent business owners and professionals, but some are homesource workers from large corporate businesses.

Homesourcing refers to hiring employees or engaging independent contractors. Homesourced workers are sometimes required to come to an office for training from time-to-time. Homesource workers often are networked to call-centers and other customer service processes. However, this trend is changing as employers realize a wider variety of work is amenable to homeshoring. Knight Ridder Newspapers reports "it's no longer just call centers and information-technology jobs. Now it's architects, accountants, tax preparers and financial analysts."

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